Public Internet facilities

iLine has setup Public Internet facilities in varying and diverse locations in response to our customers seeking  solutions to the problems associated with providing a reliable and secure internet  service to their customers.
The key aspects of the public internet and computing services are:

  • Controlling access to and protecting  the hardware
  • Maintaining continuity of service.
  • Managing the broadband.
  • Containing the costs incurred.
  • Providing effective wireless coverage
  • Ensuring the integrity security of the end-user.


iLine was approached to solve a problem that a hostel was having in regards to specifically meeting the requirements of its guests which were:

  • Reasonably fast secure broadband(unlimited downloads where required)
  • Provision of Desktop facilities (up to 20 PC’s at multiple sites)
  • Provision of printing facilities(industrial strength printers)
  • Provision of wireless facilities (across 55 hectares at Fitzroy river)
  • Adequate wireless coverage (21 Access Points at Karratha)
  • Adequate wireless reach (2 kilometre range used, capable of much longer)
  • Weather proof outdoor systems
  • Management of associated costs (full reporting with Handlink system)
  • On call support/ problem solving (few problems, but we are there when called)
  • Ability to generate income(up to $12500 sales per month at one city site)



Our approach was to bring a scalable setup involving initially 2 desktops, including purpose designed
furniture, latest PC’s including software and USB and DVD capabilities. Coupled with a coin kiosk, we eliminated the need for reception staff to dispense access codes.

The kiosk allows the option of users accessing through their own mobile device, or using the PC’s which are provided by the hostel.

As a solution for the problem of managing the various aspects such as maintenance and repair, iLine has successfully deployed and run systems as far away as Fitzroy Crossing and Esperance. In the situation where owner s of properties are not on site, every transaction is accounted for through the structured Handlink reporting and communications operating system built it to the device.

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