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iLine has deployed various technologies in its search for the ultimate solution for providing and managing  public computing and internet facilities.

The early product development cycle recognised key aspects for ease of use for both the provider and the user of information technology.  Handlink has the Hardware component that provides ease of dispensation, reliability and security of use, and exceptional management processes.

The current Kiosk is a fully developed product that has been popular with both iLine and the many clients that use our service. Its key characteristic is the 24/7 nature of coin dispensation of access codes to desktops (running iLine software),  notebooks, iPads and iphones.

Handlink dedicated time to overcoming the downtime issues of a previous kiosk, specifically paper jams and coin jams.

Contact us for a discussion as to what can work for you. We offer complete ownership of the system, or revenue sharing and support.



WG 604

The kiosk is the ultimate dispensing solution, but it has an associated cost and installation premium. This allows the WG 604 to be considered in locations that manage with extended reception staff to service the client needs.

The WG604 has a good wifi coverage (b/g/n), excellent management  capability, and simplicity of installation.

The WG 604 has all the functionality of the kiosk, is well supported by both iLine and Handlink, and allows desktop access via the iLine log in software.

The WG 604 is complimented by a high quality thermal printer. This has a 3 button configuration  allowing  combination of charges and time settings.

WG 604 can be integrated with various LAN devices. In a typical motel/caravan park, it generally will need its coverage extended by attaching various Access Points and antennas.



Wireless Peripherals

Delivery of adequate wifi coverage is unique to each location.

iLine has used various hardware, but has been most successful with both Quadrant and Ubiquity products.

Each has a specific characteristic, which we have used, both individually or in combination, to complete projects over various distances.

Each network device is fully manageable from within the Handlink gateway.

Please contact iLine for  supply of products or support for installation and integration with other network devices.

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