Public internet sites vary according to location and demands on the various services associated with the accommodation property .

iLine deals with a range of problems associated with the delivery of internet to public internet users. Our installations cover both in remote work camps to city hostels and hotels.

Our system focuses on the seamless delivery  and management of Internet multimedia content and associated applications.

The core technology is the Subscriber gateway.

It contains the management system to control all access issues to both the hardware and the world wide web. It also provides the accounting functions to control any revenue issues, including  GST issues and records of all transactions.

Extension of the service can include installation of printing, scanning , webcams, headsets and wide area coverage technology.

From the gateway, we can manage a simple wireless solution in a secure setup or extend to a complex integration of a LAN wireless network over a wider area.

Part of the management includes remote access to the gateway, as well as access to connected LAN devices.

Management  of all transactions is facilitated by the remotely accessing of account logs, error alerts, current users and system status . This is also backed up with emailing critical information when and if required.

iLine has generally based its business model of profit sharing, as this has ensured that all hardware is up to date and maintained. We do acknowledge that some entities are willing to take on the servicing role in partnership with us, with up front purchasing of some or all technologies.

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