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iLine has leveraged the quality of the Taiwanese hardware, designed and developed by Handlink.

We started using their WG 5000 9 years ago, and have continued to provide an internet café style solution in various size locations.

The key aspect of our successful business model, is to use the gateway to extend the access control to the desktop computers, and not just the internet.

The majority of our income is derived from users seeking both internet and computing facilities.

The advent of 3G has enhanced the public internet as more users are in the market, and many take advantage of the iLine add ons beyond just web surfing.

This enables restriction to be placed on desktop applications and associated devices such as DVD burners, scanners  and printers.

We have equipped many sites with multiple desktops, printers scanners, webcams and headsets.

The Login software can be supplied to both XP and Windows 7 units.

Existing owners of Wireless gateways can integrate desktops for use by clients that need facilities not readily available on mobile devices.

Please contact iLine to organize a trial download of this product. (See contact page)

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